HORROR-RAMA is thrilled to welcome actress Ashley C. Williams to her Canadian convention debut! Ashley found instant cult infamy for her tragic turn in director Tom Six's notorious black-comic horror masterpiece THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE where she was stitched rear-to-mouth as the middle segment of a mad scientist's insane experiment. In 2015 she received acclaim for her blistering turn in director Matthew A. Brown's psychological horror film JULIA and both she and Brown (who will also be attending HORROR-RAMA 2017) will screen their masterpiece and meet their fans.


HORROR-RAMA is very excited to be bringing John Harrison to Toronto for his FIRST EVER convention appearance! John Harrison is a horror multi-hyphenate famous for his collaborations with the late, great George A. Romero. As an actor, John appeared as the screwdriver zombie in Dawn of the Dead and the sociopathic director in Effects (where he also composed the score). As a composer he's beloved for his electronic scores for Creepshow and Day of the Dead and as a director, John is noted for his films Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, Clive Barker's Books of Blood and the acclaimed Dune miniseries. We're excited to have John at our show, his FIRST EVER convention appearance!


HORROR-RAMA 2017 is jazzed to be bringing back our friend, Funeral Home, Happy Birthday To Me, Deadly Eyes and Curtains star Lesleh Donaldson. An absolute queen of horror and a fan favorite star, Lesleh joined us as a featured guest in our first year and we're so glad that she has agreed to come back for HORROR-RAMA 2017. You wont want to miss meeting this icon of horror cinema.


In our continuing job of bringing the coolest, most unexpected guests to our show, HORROR-RAMA and sponsor The Beguiling are proud to announce our newest guest, Mike Diana! Underground cartoonist, self publisher of controversial zines full of sexuality and violence, Diana has the distinction of being the only person to receive a criminal conviction in the United States for his art and a documentary of his prosecution and trial is being made and will be released in the near future. Meet this controversial figure ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!


We here at HORROR-RAMA are so very pleased to announce our newest addition: Author, actor and director John Russo! Co-author of the screenplay for Night of the Living Dead John has gone on to script 20 movies, direct 15, and write 20 novels including three seminal books on the craft of making movies that have become bibles of independent film production. Come meet the living legend himself this November. Only at HORROR-RAMA!


Horror-Rama, in our never-ending quest to be more than just a convention is pleased and proud to present, live and in person, the astounding illusions and mystifying magic of the incredible RYAN BROWN! Winner of Magician of the Year 2012 - Ryan will be on hand to amaze and astound you - ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!


We're so happy to have actress Lisa Langlois as our newest special guest - known for her unforgettable roles in such seminal horror films as Deadly Eyes, Phobia, Happy Birthday To Me, The Nest and Class of 1984! Lisa is making her first HORROR-RAMA convention appearance this November - Come and meet Lisa Langlois ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!


Composer Carl Zittrer is a bona fide cult movie hero, working on countless classic films like The Gate and Body Parts and Ted V. Mikels' legendary Blood Orgy of the She Devils. But his greatest claim to fame is serving as iconic director Bob Clark's right hand, composing the original - often experimental - scores for immortal Clark masterpieces like Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Deathdream, Black Christmas, Deranged, Murder by Decree and Porky's. Zittrer is making his first convention appearance ever at HORROR-RAMA 2017 and, who knows, he might even sit at the piano and play some of his classic music for us! Come and meet Carl Zittrer ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!


George Miller's go-for-broke 1981 masterpiece Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior) is one of the greatest apocalyptic science fiction action movies ever made and part of its power rests in its central villain, the mohawked human-monster Wez played by the great Vernon Wells. Outside of that iconic turn, the Australian born actor has also appeared in wild flicks like the Arnold Schwarzeneggar classic Commando, John Hughes' Weird Science (where he spoofed Wez) and the Stuart Gordon flicks Fortress, Space Truckers and King of the Ants as well as starring as the evil Ransik in the Power Rangers series. HORROR-RAMA is stoked to be bringing this major name in cult cinema to Toronto for the first time ever!


Seattle-based artist Lisa Petrucci is perhaps best known as being the heir apparent to the Something Weird Video legacy. After her late husband, the iconic Something Weird founder Mike Vraney, passed away in 2014, Lisa has fearlessly kept the trashy, sexploitation vibe that SWV is world famous for alive and thriving and we are beyond thrilled to welcome this amazing woman to HORROR-RAMA, her first ever Toronto appearance. Join Lisa and HORROR-RAMA guest and SWV collaborator Frank Henenlotter for the ultimate in-the-flesh tribute to the legendary cult movie label! Only at HORROR-RAMA!


Come and meet the one and only Mink Stole in her first Toronto convention appearance! Mink has been in every single John Waters film to date, essaying a dizzying array of bizarre characters of every persuasion, from the filthy Connie Marble in Pink Flamingos to the tormented Dottie Hinkle in Serial Mom and beyond. And did you know she was also an accomplished torch singer? Come and hang with the amazing, hilarious and multi-talented Lady Mink Stole at HORROR-RAMA and stick around for details about her live Cabaret performance at our official after party!


First Canadian Convention Appearance! HORROR-RAMA's baskets are bursting to share the news that the one and only Frank Henenlotter is escaping from New York this year to join us in Toronto! The infamous director of such iconic cult films as Basket Case (and its 2 sequels), Brain Damage and Frankenhooker and one of the mad minds behind the immortal Something Weird Video, Henenlotter has made his name on breaking the rules and sculpting his own unique brand of psychotronic cinema. Come and hang with one of the funniest, freakiest and most fertile minds in fright ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!