Making her first ever convention appearance, Canadian actress Martha Gibson is coming to HORROR-RAMA, joining her husband and SEEING THINGS co-star Louis Del Grande! Gibson did indeed star as Marge in the lamented CBC psychic mystery series but also has a long history in Canadian horror, appearing in classics like BLACK CHRISTMAS, BELLS and most recently, the 2017 version of STEPHEN KING'S IT. Come and meet a charming veteran of Canadian film for the first time!

HORROR-RAMA is happy to be honoring homegrown hero, artist and monster maker "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin at our 2018 show! Gary got his start with iconic Canadian horror film magazine Rue Morgue, radically shaping and defining the mag's aesthetic identity for well over a decade before striking out on his own. With Blu-ray covers, record covers, magazine covers and eerie illustrations that come armed with his signature style, Gary is already considered one of the all-time greats. Come and meet the man this November and check out what wild stuff he's up to!

HORROR-RAMA is beyond excited to be bringing iconic horror and fantasy film composer Richard Band to our 2018 show! Band's signature symphonic sounds have graced dozens upon dozens of films from his brother Charles Band's Empire Pictures and Full Moon Features studios - cult classics like RE-ANIMATOR, LASERBLAST FROM BEYOND, PARASITE and PUPPET MASTER and so many more - and he's made his mark in plenty of other fare like John "Bud" Cardos' underrated MUTANT and the upcoming Mick Garris-produced anthology NIGHTMARE CINEMA. No matter how big or small of a production Band has taken on in his over 40 years in the business, he always brings a rich, evocative sound and opulence to his scores, an approach that almost always elevates the film itself. Please help us welcome Richard to Horror-Rama for his FIRST EVER Canadian convention appearance!

Ronn Sutton has illustrated several hundred comic book stories, including a nine-year stint of drawing Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for Claypool Comics. Many written by his long-time love, Janet Hetherington. Ronn will have copies of his Elvira print, sketchbook, comics, original art pages, and will be taking commissions. Come by for one-of-a-kind art and conversation.

Janet Hetherington is a comics writer/artist who's work  work appears in the best-selling comics anthology The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and most recently, Gothic Tales of Haunted Love.

Janet scripted the Elvira, Mistress of the Dark comic book for six years. She 's also a scriptwriter including  Murder in High Heels. Janet will have comics, original art, and will be taking commissions. Come by and say hello.

Ryan Brown returns to HORROR-RAMA!  Ryan's life has been dedicated to the craft of illusion and sleight of hand.  His abilities and showmanship is second to none and with his focus on the macabre and horror Ryan has proven a perfect fit to our fear fest. A master of performance and close magic, Ryan will be providing the lucky folks at HR with special mini shows.  In 2012, Ryan was the first to be awarded with Toronto's Best Magician of the Year award and currently tours in his own show between Canada, where he currently resides, and the US.

She's BACK! And ready to PARTY! HORROR-RAMA is tickled as Tarman to be bringing back one of our favorite strange cinema ladies, the inimitable Linnea Quigley! You know her from such cult movies as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS and so many more major works of weirdness. But Linnea isn't just an actress, she's living, breathing horror and exploitation film history. A genuine icon of the silver scream. Plus...she's one of the sweetest, kindest humans we know. Come and hang out with Lady Linnea this year ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!

DeeWallace HR

HORROR-RAMA is excited to announce that Karen White, the First Lady of the Colony is coming to our show this November! That's right, the brilliant Dee Wallace will be joining us for HORROR-RAMA 2018! Dee, of course, is the star of Joe Dante's horror masterpiece THE HOWLING. As intrepid reporter Karen White, the actress made us believe she was a woman on the verge of a breakdown as she fell into the clutches of a pack of sexually-charged werewolves, heroically battling her way out, only to get cursed with the mark of the beast herself. But THE HOWLING is just one of many amazing films the legendary actress has graced. You also know her from ET, Stephen King's CUJO, CRITTERS, Blake Edwards' 10, Wes Craven's THE HILLS HAVE EYES, Rob Zombie's THE LORDS OF SALEM and dozens upon dozens of other films, including Zombie's hotly anticipated upcoming "Firefly Clan" sequel 3 FROM HELL. Dee is also a revered philosopher and spiritualist and author of several books that teach the art of "self-creation". And, to top it all off, she's a warm, lovely and friendly human being. Dee can't wait to meet her Toronto fans and we cannot wait to have her hang out with us!

LouisDelGrande HR

HORROR-RAMA is exploding with excitement to announce the FIRST EVER CONVENTION APPEARANCE EVER of elusive American/Canadian actor Louis Del Grande, the man most famously known to horror fans as the "First Scanner" whose head erupts in a shocking blast of blood and bone in David Cronenberg's 1981 shocker SCANNERS! Del Grande is also horror royalty for memorable turns in the killer rat thriller OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN, slasher classic HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and the immortal CBC mystery series SEEING THINGS, a cult TV show that he also created. Give Louis a warm welcome this November at HORROR-RAMA!

HORROR-RAMA is stoked to spotlight the lovely Lynn Lowry, the inimitable cult film legend and star of such classic shockers as David Cronenberg's SHIVERS, George A. Romero's THE CRAZIES, David Durston's I DRINK YOUR BLOOD and Paul Schrader's CAT PEOPLE. Outside of those influential films, Lynn continues to steal scenes in contemporary indie cinema including Debbie Rochon's riotous MODEL HUNGER. With her elfin beauty, sophistication and liquid sensuality, no one is quite like Lynn Lowry and you can meet her ONLY at HORROR-RAMA 2018!


HORROR-RAMA is over the moon...the FULL be bringing actor David Naughton to Toronto for HORROR-RAMA 2018! Naughton first found fame for his chirpy turn in the late '70s DR. PEPPER commercials before locking his bloody jaws on his cult legend status with his turn as the doomed wolfman David in John Landis' 1981 masterpiece AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Naughton also had fine turns in the terrifying made-for-TV horror film I, DESIRE and the Nicolas Cage drama THE BOY IN BLUE among many others. We are THRILLED to have this talented, funny performer strut his stuff on the storied HORROR-RAMA stage!