HORROR-RAMA welcomes back the internationally revered composer Maurizio Gaurini, the Toronto-based keyboardist from legendary Italian horror soundtrack band Goblin! The man who brought freaky synth sounds to movies like BUO OMEGA, CONTAMINATION and ZOMBIE, Guarini continues to explore his sonic art and we are THRILLED to host an EXCLUSIVE HORROR-RAMA preview of his brand new album, which sees Guarini re-orchestrating classic themes with a synth and a string quartet. Come and meet one of the greats at HORROR-RAMA!

Triple-threat writer, director and actor Kansas Bowling made a splash in cult film circles when - at age 17 - she wrote and directed the Troma Entertainment shot-on-16mm shocker B.C.BUTCHER. Following that, Bowling has become a noted director of rock videos, award-winning experimental short films and has also appeared as an actor in films like Quentin Tarantino's ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD and Glenn Danzig's instant-cult favorite VEROTIKA. HORROR-RAMA is excited to have Kansas join us for our 6th show, where she - along with Geretta Geretta and Lamberto Bava - will be exclusively announcing a major new feature film project. Come and meet this rising star, only at HORROR-RAMA!

HORROR-RAMA is excited to have local hero Steven Kostanski swing by our 6th show to talk terror and making monster movies the old school way! Kostanski is the co-founder of Canadian gonzo goremeisters ASTRON-6, a noted master of prosthetic special FX and the director of such acclaimed instant-cult classics as FATHER'S DAY, MANBORG and the ultimate practical special effects horrorshow, THE VOID. Recent Kostanski pictures include the franchise reboot LEPRECHAUN RETURNS and the upcoming PSYCHO GOREMAN. Come and meet a strange cinema visionary at HORROR-RAMA. APPEARING SUNDAY ONLY!

HORROR-RAMA is happy to announce that HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II director Bruce Pittman will be joining Mary Lou herself, Lisa Schrage, at the sixth annual HORROR-RAMA show! Pittman is a veteran Canadian filmmaker whose work includes the Canadian giallo MARK OF CAIN, key episodes of FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES, THE RAY BRADBURY THEATRE, the '80s incarnation of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, William Shatner's TEKWAR and MANIAC MANSION, where he directed fellow HORROR-RAMA guest George Buza! Pittman joins Schrage and composer Paul Zaza for our ever-expanding PROM NIGHT II reunion, happening ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!

HORROR-RAMA is hideously happy to announce the triumphant return of Italian horror movie legend Geretta Geretta to our sixth shocking show! Geretta joins her DEMONS director Lamberto Bava and - along with the presence of DEMONS 2 star Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni- is helping make make this the ULTIMATE "Demon Queen" reunion! Outside of her iconic work drooling green blood as the possessed prostitute Rosemary in Bava's 1986 masterpiece, Geretta also made her name starring in the maniacal Bruno Mattei chillers RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR and SHOCKING DARK and Lucio Fulci's delirious MURDER ROCK. Come and hang with the awesome Geretta Geretta and make your DEMONS dreams come true! Only at HORROR-RAMA!


HORROR-RAMA is pleased-as-spiked-punch to announce that Canadian actress Lisa Schrage will be appearing this year in her FIRST EVER CONVENTION APPEARANCE! That's right, the evil Mary Lou herself from the 1987 cult classic HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II, has come out of hiding to haunt our hallways and meet her legion of hardcore fans! Schrage (who also co-starred in the deranged horror sequel FOOD OF THE GODS 2) will be appearing alongside PROM NIGHT II composer Paul Zaza to make this year an extra special spook-tacular event! Come and meet Lady Lisa ONLY at HORROR-RAMA! Special thanks to our friends at www. for making this convention first happen!

Joining THE BRAIN composer Paul Zaza at HORROR-RAMA is veteran actor George Buza, who played the brutish "Verna" in the 1988 Canadian horror classic! Buza is also familiar to cult movie fans for his memorable appearances in films like David Cronenberg's FAST COMPANY, the Cinepix romp MEATBALLS III, STIR OF ECHOES II and A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY as well as TV's MANIAC MANSION. Buza has also done extensive voice acting for animated programs like DROIDS, TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER and X-MEN, where he has long played the character "Beast". HORROR-RAMA is thrilled to showcase this talented performer at our 2019 show!

We here at HORROR-RAMA are pleased as punch to announce the return of someone who not only is a true talent of the illusionary arts and a performer par excellence but someone who's become a real member of our HR family: The great RYAN BROWN will be joining us again to dazzle and amaze you with his incredible talents! He'll also be showing you lucky people a new illusion he's tantalizingly only given us the term 'CHAINSAW DOVES' Let's give RYAN a warm WELCOME BACK !!!!!

HORROR-RAMA is incredibly excited to welcome Canadian composer Paul Zaza, whose rich and evocative original soundtracks for classic genre films are beloved around the world. From his extensive work with late director Bob Clark on films like MURDER BY DECREE and PORKY’S (which he co-composed with fellow artist and HORROR-RAMA alumni Carl Zittrer), to his terrifying scores for iconic chillers PROM NIGHT, CURTAINS, HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE BRAIN and so many more, Zaza is widely recognized as one of the all-time greats. Come and meet an icon of sinister sound, only at HORROR-RAMA!

HORROR-RAMA is frothing at the mouth to announce our next guest, Italian/American actress, musician and artist Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni! Coralina will be appearing alongside her DEMONS 2 and GHOST SON director Lamberto Bava, telling tales of making macabre movies all over the world.

Though indeed perhaps best known for her turn as fanged birthday girl-wraith Sally in DEMONS 2, Cataldi-Tassoni is Italian horror royalty full stop, with notable supporting performances - most in which she gets murdered in high style - in Dario Argento's OPERA, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and MOTHER OF TEARS as well as gory Italo-shockers like EVIL CLUTCH and THE DEVILS OF MONZA.

Coralina is also a revered composer and multi-media artist whose works have been seen and heard all around the world. Find out more about our Coralina at and come and meet the lady herself, only at HORROR-RAMA!

HORROR-RAMA is thrilled to announce the coming of maestro LAMBERTO BAVA to our sixth, startling show in his FIRST EVER CANADIAN APPEARANCE! The legendary Italian director who - along with producer and co-writer Dario Argento - brought you the ultimate '80s gore classics DEMONS and DEMONS 2, learned the business of bloodshed from his father, the founder of Italian fright, Mario Bava and served as assistant director on films like PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES and HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON. But in 1980, Lamberto busted loose on his own with the lurid and disturbing shocker MACABRE and then in 1983 with the violent neo-giallo A BLADE IN THE DARK before blasting his fanged and ferocious Sergio Stivaletti-sculpted Demons into the upper-echelons of horror lore.

Lamberto Bava is one of the true icons of Italian terror...and we have him.

Come and meet the master ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!