Announcing the Winners of the HORROR-RAMA 2018 International Short Film Festival

The jury is out and we’ve selected the cream of the creepy crop from our inaugural 2018 short film festival.

Thanks to all the amazing films selected and congrats to the winners!


Best Horror-Rama 2018 Short: Belladonna

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Scream Queen – TIED: Alyson O’Keefe – Belladonna and Kat Cross – Hunger

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Scream King: Nick Smyth – Quiet Room Bears

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Experimental Madness: Living With A Monster

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Score: Angel

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Director: Joffrey Saintrapt – Living With A Monster

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Short “Audience Choice”: Zandavi Lives

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Visual Effects: Human Cattle     

Best Horror-Rama 2018 Scream Factor: The Tormenting of Jones

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